BGP Communities

Stellar Technologies leverages BGP Standard Communities to provide granular control of internal and external traffic engineering. This document describes the BGP Communities implemented in AS14525. The information contained herein should be considered authoritative for this purpose.

Origin IDs

Many of the below community definitions make use of 4-digit origin identifiers (IDs). These IDs are used to identify routes with common properties, such as geographic location or connectivity at a particular IXP.

Group CodeDescriptionVisible to Peers
14525:0000Global - used to identify any and all routes that transit AS14525
14525:1xxxLocation identifier for routes within a region, where xxx is the UN M.49 code of the region
14525:2xxxLocation identifier for routes within a country, where xxx is the ISO 3166-1 numeric country code
14525:30xxLocation identifier for routes within a regional area, where xx means:
01 - US West
02 - US Hawaii
03 - US Central
14525:4xxxLocation identifier for routes within a particular Point of Presence (POP), where xxx means:
001 - phx01 / EdgeConneX EDCPHX01
002 - las01 / Switch Las Vegas
003 - hnl01 / DRFortress
004 - dtn01 / IMDC OHS1
005 - nyc01 / IMDC NJE1
14525:5000AS14525 Originated - All
14525:50xxAS14525 Originated - Regional Aggregate, where xx is equal to the regional ID found in the 14525:30xx namespace.
14525:5050AS14525 Originated - Aggregate
14525:5060AS14525 Originated - Specific Prefix
14525:5100All customer routes
14525:5110All direct peer routes
14525:5120All IXP routes
14525:5130All transit routes
14525:6xxxAll routes with a specific global transit provider, where xxx is the peer's Origin ID

Peer Origin IDs

001174TransitCogent Communications
0026939TranistHurricane Electric
0031299TranistTelia Carrier
0043257TranistGTT Communications
00740300TranistDRFortress: DRFConnect
00840300Internet ExchangeDRFortress: DRF-IX

Routing Control

The following communities are used to influence routing decisions within AS14525. Many routing control communities are accepted from customer peers. However, only specific routing control communities are accepted from transit, or direct peers. These are indicated in the table below. Routing control communities are never exported to external peers of AS14525.


Community will be accepted and applied for valid customer prefixes.
🔵Community will be accepted for routes originating from the peer's AS. Community logic will not apply to the peer's customer or peer routes.
🔴Community will not be accepted.


Local Preference

14525:150Set LOCAL_PREF to 150
Default for transit
14525:200Set LOCAL_PREF to 200🔴🔵🔴
14525:250Set LOCAL_PREF to 250
Default for peers
14525:300Set LOCAL_PREF to 300🔴🔴
14525:350Set LOCAL_PREF to 350
Default for customers
14525:400Set LOCAL_PREF to 400🔴🔴

Next Hop Modification

14525:999Blackhole traffic to any IPv4 /32 or IPv6 /128 route🔵🔵

AS Path Prepend

14525:10xxxPrepend 14525 1x to non-customer peers with ID xxx🔴🔴
14525:20xxxPrepend 14525 2x to non-customer peers with ID xxx🔴🔴
14525:30xxxPrepend 14525 3x to non-customer peers with ID xxx🔴🔴
14525:11111Prepend 14525 1x to all non-customer peers🔵🔴
14525:22222Prepend 14525 2x to all non-customer peers🔵🔴
14525:33333Prepend 14525 3x to all non-customer peers🔵🔴

Export Control

14525:40xxxDon't export to non-customer peers with ID xxx🔴🔴
14525:50xxxExport only to non-customer peer with ID xxx🔴🔴
Blackhole Community

While the blackhole community 14525:999 is accepted from transit peers, it is only accepted on routes with an AS_PATH length of 1 (direct routes).

Changes and Version Control

Where notice of an impending change is deemed necessary, Stellar Technologies will make every attempt to notify affected customers or peers if it is determined that any impact will occur.

Stellar Technologies Inc accepts no liability whatsoever for damages or losses suffered by third parties as a result of their reliance on the information contained herein. By making use of any of information contained herein, the user acknowledges and agrees to these conditions.